Car Care Before and After You Hit the Road

In the next few days, many people will be driving back and forth to make sure they visit every last available relative during the break they have for the holidays. If you’re going to be among them, then you know that the to-do list that gets you out on the highway can grow to be about a mile long! But in all your planning, did you remember to include a thorough car wash for both before and after your trip?

It might sound excessive, but hear us out – regardless of your destination, a clean car is the better mode of transportation by far. Here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detailing Center, we know that better than most.

Safety first

You may not immediately make the association, but a cleaner car is a safer one! Without all of the dirt and debris to distract you, it’s easier to pay attention to the road and everything going on around you. And on a long drive to see your friends and family, or after the vacation is over and you need to get back into your regular routine, safety and defensive driving is equally important! Even though Cruisers has a nice quick wash service, you might feel as though getting to a car wash is a challenge on your busy schedule. If that’s the case, at least be sure your windows are nice and clean before pulling out of the driveway!

Winter wear and tear

Now that a chill is setting in, you might have noticed your car is starting to feel a bit of strain. And if you live in a cooler area, where winter weather is more of a risk than it is here in Wilmington, salt from the main roads and highways can do a number on the car’s exterior. By getting your car cleaned both before and after a road trip to your hometown for the holidays, you can help reduce the effects that winter weather and preventative measures can take on the paint job and even the inner workings of the vehicle. You may not be able to do much about the temperatures themselves, but a clean car is always a happier one, especially when extra elements are thrown onto the road to prevent weather-induced fender benders!

In all the holiday travel, make sure your ride is safe and secure for both you and your passengers. Our soft-cloth wash and detailing service packages can help keep your car in tip-top shape for city and highway driving, or you can take care of the basic cleaning and care at one of our express locations. We’re here to help if you have any questions, and the entire team here at Cruisers wishes all of our wonderful customers a Happy Holiday Season!