The Mental Advantages of Having a Clean Car

It’s a new year, and by this time in the month, everyone has already committed to a resolution or is still searching for a new way to improve a daily routine or overall health.

Among all the fad diets and workout regimens, there is one thing you could change that you might not have considered before. Have you thought about committing to the health of your vehicle? Here at Cruisers Car Wash, we could throw out quite a few reasons to make this one of your priority resolutions this year, but at the very top of that list? Your own mental health, of course!

State of mind

For most people, a clean space is one that is conducive to productivity, is relaxing, and leaves one feeling in control. What better place to reflect these moods than behind the wheel of your car? By having the vehicle regularly washed and detailed so that the outside is just as pristine as the interior, you take steps toward reducing some of the stress that can come with driving, particularly in rush hour traffic. With such a simple solution – as opposed to intense meditation or aromatherapy, neither of which you can do while driving – our quick and basic wash should do the trick and keep you feeling confident on the roads.


We typically spend a lot of time in our cars, and over time, they’ve become a status symbol of sorts. If your car is dirty, or makes a strange noise, then it stands out like a sore thumb and leaves you feeling less than adequate, or awkward because your mode of transportation isn’t quite up to par. We can’t exactly help you get a new ride, but we can ensure that your current vehicle looks like it just drove off the lot: shiny and clean, with an interior to match.

We hope that this is one resolution you keep; after all, keeping your car clean isn’t just a matter of feeling better about where you are in life or the model you drive. A clean car can help keep you focused, with fewer distractions in the form of clutter or dirty windshields, therefore making it a safer vehicle as well. Visit one of our full-service or express locations to get started on your resolution today!