5 Tips for Car Upkeep in the Last Weeks of Winter

We’re in the home stretch: winter is on its way out! Throughout the entire season, you’ve been keeping an eye on your car to make sure it runs optimally in spite of the chillier temperatures. Now that the end is in sight, be sure you don’t drop the ball on car maintenance and upkeep, and it’ll be smooth sailing when the sun makes its reappearance.

Battery life

In colder weather, it can be difficult for your car’s battery to retain its juice and operate at full capacity. Whenever you have your car serviced, make sure you ask for a volt test just to be sure the battery is still working as it should. You definitely don’t want it to quit on you and leave you stranded in the cold!

Coolant levels

Since antifreeze protects your engine from falling victim to cold temperatures, it’s imperative that you keep an eye on those fluid levels through the end of winter. If you’ve recently refilled your coolant and notice the level is already severely depleted, check for any leaks that might be causing the fluid to drain out before it can benefit your engine.

Tire pressure

Tire pressure often drops alongside the outside temperature, which adds a lot of wear and increases the chances of developing tread separation on your tires as well as the likelihood of having an accident on the road. When tire pressure gets too low, your car can handle unpredictably, and that’s the last thing you need during your morning commute or when the roads are more likely to be slick from leftover ice or precipitation. Luckily, tire pressure is easy to check and fix; most gas stations have a pump you can use.

Windshield wiper blades

Here in the Wilmington area, we typically see a lot less snow than some of our neighbors and other parts of the country. But, winter weather and even heavy rains that can occur at any point in the year can take a toll on your windshield wiper blades. You can extend their lifespan with regular cleaning, but eventually you’ll want to replace them so as not to run into any issues on the road.

Regular washes

Did you know that having your car cleaned regularly can actually help it run more efficiently? In one of our recent blog posts, we noted that a thorough wash removes a lot of the dirt that can distract you while you drive, not to mention any regular wintertime wear and tear that occurs during the season. Check out our wash and detailing service packages to find the best fit for your car, and seal the deal with our express wax!

We hope you’re as excited as we are here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detailing Center for the return of spring temperatures! But in the meantime, keep up the good work on vehicle maintenance and pay any of our locations regular visits for a cleaner car!