Tips for Keeping the Pollen at Bay

Spring is here! That means the temperatures are rising, longer days are on the way, and the return of green grass and blooming lawns. Unfortunately, we all know what goes hand in hand with the return of spring and blossoming plant life: pollen. Auto owners know that pollen season equals more than just allergy season. Pollen also has a nasty habit of invading your car, not to mention leaving a perpetual layer on its exterior. So how do you keep your car squeaky clean until the pollen levels abate?

Visit Your Local Car Wash

Of course, there’s nothing like having a nice professional grade car wash to remove any dust and pollen from your car’s exterior. To keep it looking shiny and brand new during the spring season, you’ll want to set aside regular visits to your car wash of choice. Here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detailing Center, we offer a number of wash and detailing options; come see us to combat the mess that a dusting of pollen can truly make.

Keep Supplies on Hand  

For a pollen solution on the go, stock up on your favorite interior cleaning products and keep the dusty product of spring from building up on your dashboard and seats. For those with leather interiors, or for polishing off the dash and panels, you’ll want to find a reliable wipe or liquid cleanser and a soft towel or washcloth and stow them somewhere in your car for safe keeping. If you have cloth or fabric seats, add a lint roller or small hand-vacuum to the supply list and break them out as needed. If you want a professional job, visit us at Cruisers Car Wash and ask about our detailing packages!

Strategic Locations  

It’s not a catch-all solution, but parking and leaving your vehicle in the right spots can also make a difference in the amount of pollen you find in and on your car. Try to avoid spots near blooming plants and trees, or underneath trees that might be shedding leaves and blossoms. Of course, this won’t completely solve your problem, but it can make the damage less obvious in the long run.

Regardless of the season, Cruisers Car Wash is here to help you with your car care and maintenance. Visit any of our locations for stellar service, and leave with a pollen-free car all throughout the spring season!