How to Maintain Your Car to Last

We’ve all had that one car; the one that without which we couldn’t imagine a single road trip or outing, even if we were only taking it to the local market or the movie theater. But, as is the case with most other products in our lives, cars do eventually break down and can’t be revived for one more lap. Fortunately, there are some things you can do on a regular basis to help keep your standby vehicle running in top shape! 

Regular check-ups

Just like the human body, your car needs to get checked out by a professional on a set basis so that telltale signs of wear and tear are caught and addressed as early as possible. Even if you’re a car aficionada, a trusted mechanic has the training to give your everyday driver a thorough inspection and could find something you wouldn’t in the comfort of your garage at home. Don’t skip a check-up with your local mechanic, and your car will thank you at every mile marker!

Tidy up

Believe it or not, routine washes and interior cleaning are both important parts of maintaining your car so it will run efficiently, right up to the very last mile. The elements have a tendency of leaving their mark, which can result in a buildup of salt, dirt, and other debris that can deteriorate both the exterior and the inner workings of your car over time. Here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detail Center, we offer a variety of wash and detail packages ranging from the basic wash, to more thorough interior detail work. The older the car, the more often you’ll want to bring it in for some special attention from our staff and detail specialists.

Use the right fuel

There is such a thing as using the wrong kind of fuel when you fill your vehicle’s gas tank, and we don’t just mean putting diesel fuel into a car that can’t handle it. It’s a good idea to periodically use premium gas types as a sort of cleansing agent for your car. This means that even while it continues running you from place to place, the car is keeping its gears spry using its own fuel. Think of it like keeping your body running smoothly by consuming a healthy diet!

When it comes to a favorite and trusty car, you don’t want to take your chances that it won’t go the extra mile with you. Follow these and more handy tips in our blog to maintain your vehicle, and visit any of our full-service or express locations to keep it looking brand new!