A Vacation for Your Car: How Cruisers Helps Your Car Recover from a Beach Trip

Summertime is here, and that means that with the kids out of school, it’s easier than ever to reserve your down time for fun activities for the whole family!

Living in and around the Wilmington area, the crew here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detail Center are particularly fond of impromptu trips down to the nearby coast – it’s a great way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy southeastern North Carolina’s balmy seasonal climate. If you and yours like to take advantage of our beachside benefits, too, we recommend visiting one of our full-service locations on your way back home to give your car a refresher after exposing it to the salt and sand of the beach.


Salt and sand have a habit of sticking around on your car, even if you don’t snag the closest parking spot to the public beach access point. Our centers offer several different wash packages, each of which offers varying intensities and features to take care of your vehicle’s individual needs. You can opt for something like the Basic Wash, which includes a soft cloth wash, a high-pressure wheel cleaning for in-ground dirt, and an interior dusting, or for one of the packages like the Platinum Plus Wash that also throws in clear coat preservatives and wax lava for added protection.


When a trip to the coast results in almost as much sand in your car seats as was on the beach to begin with, you might need more than a vacuum session at home to remove the remnants from the carpeting and interior. Because our detail managers are certified by the International Detailing Association, they know just the thing for stubborn stains, relentless dirt and debris, and lackluster accents.

The Gold Detail package is particularly popular with our regular customers; it typically takes between four and five hours, but because it’s so thorough you only need to have it done once or twice each year! Bring your car in for a comprehensive service that includes compressed air dirt removal between the seats and console, vent and cup holder cleaning, Carnauba wax application, and so much more!

Don’t let your summer fun be interrupted by a dirty car; visit one of your local Cruisers Car Wash and Detail Centers for the very best in vehicle care, then get back out in the sunshine while the season lasts!