Cruisers’ Best Practices for Washing Cars with Tint and Film

Here at Cruisers Car Wash and Detail Center, we enjoy seeing our regular customers stop by. These automobile enthusiasts prioritize their car’s cleanliness and entrust the job of maintaining it to Wilmington’s best car wash!

We’ve noticed that many of you regular customers have further spruced up your car’s appearance at our sister business, Coastal Glass Tinting. We don’t blame you! Not only does window tint look great, but it gives your vehicle extra privacy, safety, and UV protection. If you haven’t tinted your windows yet, here are a few more reasons to consider it.

You might have also taken a proactive approach to the upkeep or your car’s spotless exterior with a coat of Llumar Paint Protection Film. The experts at Coastal Glass install a barely detectable film that protects your car’s paint from chips, scratches, rocks, sand and salt. The film’s clear coat self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining. It is typically applied to the most vulnerable parts of your car, like your hood, bumpers, door edges, door handles, side-view mirrors, and rocker panels. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have when you no longer have to worry about errant debris that you might encounter on the road.

If you’ve treated your vehicle to any of these upgrades, you’ll want to maintain them for as long as possible. It’s still important to regularly clean your car, because acid from bird droppings and other organic matter can damage film or tint. But it’s now absolutely critical that you use the correct cleaning materials and techniques. You’ve probably heard horror stories about car owners whose tint was destroyed by a commercial car wash that lacked the necessary experience in cleaning tint or film. Luckily, the staff here at Cruisers does have that know-how, so you don’t have to worry!

Here’s how we’ll keep your tint intact:

The right products

This is so important! Using the wrong type of cleaning product will cause irreversible damage to your film, and then your auto tint specialist will have to reapply it. At Cruisers, we only use cleaners without ammonia, which can degrade window tint over time. If you have paint protection film, we’ll avoid using potent chemical degreasers or tar removers, which degrade and dull your vehicle’s finish.

The right materials

Abrasive sponges or clothes can cause your window tint to peel, so when cleaning any of your car’s surfaces that have had a tint or film applied, we always use a soft sponge. We clean one window at a time, so the soap doesn’t dry on your tint. After rinsing your windows, we dry them with a microfiber towel to avoid streaking and water spots.

The right techniques

We always spray vehicles thoroughly before we wipe them down. This minimizes any possible friction that could tear or peel your film or tint.

If you’re one of our regular customers, we know you strive to keep your car spotless. Let our friends at Coastal Glass Tinting take your vehicle’s shine to a new level with professional tint and film protection. Between those upgrades and your regular cleanings from Cruisers, your car won’t ever lose that factory glow!