We offer Fundraising opportunities for Non-profit Organizations

Is your organization looking for a great way to generate money for your activities and events?

When selling candy, popcorn, or cookies doesn’t help you achieve your target income, it’s time to change your approach to fundraising. Cruisers Car Wash can help you raise cash very quickly.

Since our $20 gift cards are very popular, we decided to let local organizations use them as a fundraiser. Just sell our gift cards and you can keep 40% of the proceeds. Non-profit organizations, such as schools, churches, scouts, and charities, can take advantage of this and make it their fundraising activity.

Take a look at our chart below to see how fast and easy it is for your non-profit organization to make real money.

Number of Cards Sold
Your Total Profit

Cruisers Charity Car Wash Program Policies

We have a few guidelines we need you to follow to ensure a successful gift-card-selling fundraising campaign in Wilmington.

  • You must be a non-profit organization with a current Tax ID Number.
  • The organization’s chairperson must fill out an application and return it to a store manager for consideration. All information on the application must be completed. The chairperson will be responsible for the gift cards. Applications are subject to approval.
  • Organizations must return all unsold gift cards by the date listed on the contract.