Window Tint

Cruisers and Coastal Glass window tint make a car care partnership for a full range of expert auto appearance services.

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Classic™ Series

With an advanced dyed window film, this window tint’s unique design gives the greatest color longevity of any non-metal film offering a no-color-change warranty.

Comfort™ Series

A metal film with high heat rejection, this tint series is the popular choice among drivers who want the classic look, but also want a major step up in performance characteristics that go beyond just color.

Pinnacle® Series

A nano-ceramic film for advanced heat rejection without any signal interference, the unique technology utilized to produce the Pinnacle series of films makes it one of the most state-of-the-art automotive film today.

Stratos Series

A film made with Hybrid-Matrix™ nano-ceramic technology for maximum heat rejection without any signal interference. Stratos is engineered for improved comfort and less distracting glare.